Don't Settle for Plain Drinkware

Get a custom tumbler set in Ovalo, TX

Are you looking for a way to bring a unique touch to your kitchen? Consider getting personalized drinkware with Sew Lacee. You can get a custom tumbler, wine glass or mug in Ovalo, TX or the surrounding Abilene area.

We'll paint, stain or apply epoxy resin to your drinkware before adding quotes or logos. You can customize any size drinkware to make sure it meets your needs. Talk to us right away to learn more about our custom mugs and tumblers.

3 reasons to get custom drinkware

3 reasons to get custom drinkware

Personalized drinkware does more than liven up your kitchen cabinets. You can also get custom mugs and wine glasses:

  1. As a birthday gift
  2. For giveaways to promote your business
  3. To celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party
Don't wait to order your custom tumbler or mug. Discuss your needs with us now.


30 oz (any color) - $35
20-24 oz (any color) - $30
16 oz and below (any color) $25
(glitter tumblers are an additional $5; detailed designs may cost additional)
(Yeti Tumblers - additional cost)